Catalunya: Introduction of Book presentation “Terra d’infidels. Contra la islamització de Catalunya”

Ladies and gentlemen,
Senyores i senyors,
Dear friends,

My name is Anke Van dermeersch. I’m a Belgian Senator.
I’m here today to endorse Enric Ravello and Ester Gallego with the publication of their book “Terra d’infidels. Contra la islamització de Catalunya”.
Ester Gallego and her organization ‘Dones Contra la Islamització’.
fights the same battle against Islamic immigration and its impact on women’s rights in Europe, as I do for many years now.
Women are after all the first victims of the growing Islamization of Europe.
We need to stop the immigration invasion, to stop importing Islam, to stop importing Islamic misogyny.

As a politician and Senator it’s my job, even my duty to warn for the misogyny of Islam: Allah does not love women!
Islam propagates hatred.
Hatred against infidels against other religions and societies, but also hatred against women, which are considered to be inferior.

The symbol of this inferiority is the headscarf, the striking symbol of oppression.
The textile coffin of the burqa but also the simple veil are both identically, only the number of centimeters textile distinguishes them from each other.
The headscarf is like the rattle of the lepers and the star of the Jews for women.
That is why I was the first elected representative in Europe to advocate a general burqa ban.
I’m proud to be the original architect of this prohibition.
Meanwhile the burqa ban is already introduced in the legislations of Belgium, France, Switzerland and many other European countries.
The burqa, the Koran and the Sharia are completely at odds with our social principle of equality between men and women and so hard-won emancipation.

In Europe young women find the equality of men and women the most normal thing in the world. Women are usually brought up almost equal to their brothers, cousins and other men in the family. The equality of men and women is one of the basic principles of the European democratic states, so that women can assert as a man the same rights, politically, economically and culturally.
In immigrant families, the cultural background and the attitude towards the rights of women are often very different. In many Islamic countries, where a large proportion of the immigrants come from, women are second-class citizens. Some immigrant families who settled in Europe, continue threating women as such. According to Islamic teachings, there is no equality between men and women, let alone women’s emancipation. In Islam the woman is considered to be inferior, weak, malicious, and intellectually and mentally less gifted. Therefore women are also effectively treated as inferior by Muslims and that clashes with our Western society where the equality between men and women is a fundamental principle.

Because of the Islamization of Europe our society and culture is increasingly influenced and dominated by the customs, rules and laws of Islam. Stealthily Islamic law, the totalitarian Sharia, is applied. It is this process of Islamization which has led to the so-called radicalization and the bloody attacks against Europeans on European soil. In Europe, free speech, democracy, separation of church and state, equality between men and women are fundamental values which we do not – NOT – sell out.
Our tolerance must cease where the intolerance of Islam begins.

Dear friends,

Our fundamental principles should not be sacrificed for the sake of multicultural delusions. It is wonderful that female politicians as Ester Gallego, who do understand these threads to our children’s future, are committed to the international organization Women Against Islamization, of which ‘Dones Contra la Islamització’ is a part.
Women Against Islamization is an international European Association of women who oppose the Islamization of our society. This Islamization goes very gradually and many women have no idea of what is happening now and will happen in the near future. Every European woman has, for example, already heard of arranged and forced marriages. The fact that such a marriages can be disrupted by the husband at any given time by just saying three times ‘I divorce you’, is already much less know by European women. Usually women react very surprised when they hear that this also already happening in their Western country.

Women’s absence of knowledge and lack of information about Islam and sharia is worrying, especially because we are the first victims of it. To spread information is the first very important act of Women Against Islamization in our opposition to Islamization. This is also the reason why I’m here in Catalunia today.

Five years ago in Belgium, the center of Europe, the European organization Women Against  Islamization was founded. Ever since we exchange experiences concerning the islamization of Europe so that in the different European countries coordinated actions can be taken against the islamization of Europe. Women Against Islamization is meanwhile already represented in more than 10 European countries.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Did you notice that feminists no longer fight for women’s rights?
Why do feminist no longer fight for basic Human rights, because that is what women’s rights are?
Why don’t leftist-feminists fight for their so beloved Muslim women and the Islam?
Well, it’s because defending women against the barbarism of the Islam and sharia is nowadays called racism.
Anti-racism laws and multiculturalism has to keep us from saying out load the truth about the thread Islam poses to us: Crimes against girls and women, such as grooming, sexual harassment, assaults and rapes.

Feminists turn a blind eye to support or to approve, when Muslim women are forced to obey the misogynistic rules of Islam and its sharia. It is for example incomprehensible that women’s organizations defend the headscarf. Many girls and women are obliged to cover up with a headscarf, veil,  nikab or burqa. Interwoven with Islam are also Barbaric phenomena such as honor killings, forced marriages, child marriages, polygamy and female genital mutilation.

Dear friends,

I refuse to excuse the inexcusable.
I refuse to excuse the inexcusable crimes against women that the Islam propagates in the Koran and the Sharia.
I refuse to be oppressed by any one, Muslim or not!

Women Against Islamization is a European Organization of politically active women who want to defend the dignity and freedom of European women.  We oppose the institutionalization of Islam, the recognition of mosques, subsidization of Islamic associations, of Koranic schools and of imams. Although I believe that the individual freedom of religion should be guaranteed – also for what Islam is concerned – this freedom of religion may never lead to violence, discrimination or oppression of women.

The left-wing feminists who hue and cry about the smallest – and often imaginary – discrimination of Western women in all these areas, remain deaf, blind and dumb when it comes to the real and much worse discrimination of Islamic women in migrant communities in Europe. Every woman living in Europe should have equal rights.  Our mothers and grandmothers have fought so long to obtain women’s rights and we obliged to defend these rights for our children and grandchildren.

That is why I am so proud of Ester Gallego. She stands for the defense of female dignity and liberty. She understands that also in Catalunia the advancing islamization of our Western society poses a significant threat to these values. Women Against Islamization defies the institutionalization of Islam, the authentication of mosques, the subsidization of Muslim associations, Quran schools and mosques, the payment of imams etc. The institutionalization of Islam will give rise to a parallel Muslim society that propagates discrimination against women.

Unfortunately still a majority of people do not wish to see this inconvenient truth: the thread Muslim man pose to European women.
What is happening now in Islamic State, Yemen, Afghanistan, Saudi-Arabia, actually the whole Middle East is happening already in our European countries and will get worse if we don’t abolish Islam.
The traditional Western politicians have already the blood of so many women and young girls on their hands.

The fact that you are here today, supporting Ester and our fight against this subtle Islam terror against women makes me very proud of you.
We, you and me, are fighting for our children!
Therefore, we are fighting against multiculturalism,
Against today’s pan-European asylum policy,
Against mass immigration
And especially against the Islamization of our Western world.
One warned woman is worth two!

Anke Van dermeersch
Belgian Senator – President ‘Women Against Islamization’


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