Mass migration: A woman’s point of view

The speech I held during my visit to Greece and the islands:

Ladies and gentlemen,


My name is Anke Van dermeersch and I was first elected Belgian Senator in
2003 and re-elected ever since.

I’m also City Councilor in my home town Antwerp and member of the Flemish
parliament for the political party Vlaams Belang.

I am in Greece on a fact finding mission concerning the immigration- and
refugee policy in Greece during the European refugee crisis.

I have visited Lesbos, where almost half the migrants that have entered
Europe arrived, crossing the sea from Turkey to the Lesbos’ east

I also visited Chios, the fifth largest Greek island, four miles from the
Turkish coast, where I visited the new reception centre constructed with the help of the UN.

I have noticed that most of the refugees come from Syria, Afghanistan,
Pakistan and Iraq. They are mostly moslim man and if there are children
amongst the refugees, they are mainly boys too.

After seeing the consequences of the refugee crisis in Greece and it’s
islands, it is a pleasure to be able to speech here in the Greek parliament,
the birthplace of democracy.

It is exactly that democracy that I want to discuss in view of what I saw
happening her at the borders of Europe.

Aeschines, an Athenian statesman, orator, and follower of Socrates, defined
democracy. He wrote that democracy is ‘rule by laws’ – not ‘rule by the

Today, this is exactly the problem we face with our current European
democracies. Rules, and particularly immigration rules, are violated by
migrants. Foreign people overrule us and our rules of law are ignored.

The well-being of a people can be measured by the position of women and the welfare of their children. Unfortunately, we – women – in Europe are not
doing well.

The Islamization of Europe goes fast and was speed up by the refugee crisis.

As the President of the organization I fight
already for many years against this Islamization, because women and children
are always the first victims of Islam.

Islam is entirely in contradiction with common human rights. The Sharia, or
Islamic law, denies especially women personal free choice, imposes the
inequality of the sexes, exhibits absolute intolerance against dissidents
and promotes inhuman punishments.

Females are systematically
discriminated, oppressed and molested. With respect to the treatment of
women, Islam is synonymous to humiliation and discrimination.

Due to the continues inflow of non-Western immigrants and asylum seekers as well as the islamization of Europe, new kinds of criminal facts were also

Along with Islam, savage practices such as honor killings, forced marriage,
polygamy and female genital mutilation were introduced into our society.
Especially young girls and women are now victims of crimes we did not have
in Europe until the mass migration started.

In addition to criminal acts of moslims towards women, we suffer also often
harassment when just walking in the street or swimming in a public swimming
pool. Sure, there are also European men who harass, molest or rape girls or
women, and far too much, but with the tsunami of Muslim asylum seekers we
experience now foremost the typical jihad-rape culture and the insecurity of
girls and women in our society increase exponentially.

My organization ‘’ is mainly active on the new
media such as the internet, Twitter and Facebook.

We are a collective of resilient women who oppose the left-wing immigration
politics and the Islamization of Europe that comes along with it.

Because we do not have sufficient means, we make talked-about campaigns and
actions to spread our warnings, messages and solutions.

Our burqini poster, on which you see a lady wearing a bikini and a burqa at
the same time, went viral around the globe. Another successful poster, the
legs poster on which different gradations of islamization are shown, was
prohibited by court because the shoe brand did not like it. Of course this
made the poster even more interesting and it is still very successful on the
internet where courts still have no grip. Of course, resilient as we are, we
also printed a new version of the poster with yellow shoe soles.

We are a group of women with a wide range of trainings and occupations. When
something nauseates us, we come in action.

Our actions are differ from demonstrations to silent vigils, from dangerous
stunts to dress a statue with a burqa, to the hugging of animals to protest
against Barbarian halal slaughter, from interviews in glossy magazines to
parliamentary work.

I am by training a lawyer and legislation is my kind of thing.

I am the architect of Europe’s burqa ban. In 2004 I wrote and introduced the
burqa ban law in the Belgian Senate, which later on served as the basis for
all other burqa ban laws in other European countries. I’m very proud of this

Actually, all the work which was already done by my organization Women
Against Islamization makes me proud and as you can see we did make already a
lot of campaigns, showing in beautiful images, what we warn about.

In this erea of internet images are important, but we do try also to spread
our message on a profound way with lots of arguments.

In this respect I wrote a book: “Neither Whore nor Slave—Women and Islam”

My book provides not only information about the influence of Islam on the
lives of women in Europe, but after each theoretical chapter, ordinary
women, mothers and daughters, from the most diverse walks of life, talk in
interviews about their lifes and how this was already marked by the Islam
and the Islamization.

In the book I warn for the Islamization of our European society.

Ladies and gentlemen,

It is time to stop the renunciation of our own identity. Time to stop
capitulating to multiculturalism! We need to wake up, pay attention and take
action to defend the foundations which made us what we are and on which we
once built a world Empire: our heritage of the Ancient Greece, Christianity,
Humanism and Enlightenment.

It is possible to turn the tide. And there is hope!

Not only in the USA , but also in France, Germany, Holland, England, Italy,
Hungary and other European countries, right wing, patriotic parties are very successful in the elections.

Now is the time to return to the path of a strong, self-confident,
identitarian Europe. This is a great task, an historical challenge which our
generation is both challenged and privileges to rise to meet.

It is the crusade of our times, to which we must dedicate our lives,
following the example of so many of the best of our ancestors. Awareness,
militancy and clarity of purpose, are the keys to winning this fight for a
future for Europe and our children.

Anke Van dermeersch


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