Save on asylum, not on own people!

Safe on Asylum, not on own people

In recent months the Flemings are bombarded with sales tax increases, increased excise duties, a loss of indexation, more expensive rates for child care, and so on. Icing on the cake was the retirement age increased to 67 years.

Meanwhile, the asylum problem is huge. The invoice for the taxpayer as huge. The reception of one asylum seeker costs the Flemish taxpayers every month 1,249 euro. And it doesn’t stop there.
Recognised asylum seekers have the same rights as someone who has contributed to the social system here for years. They are entitled to a minimum livelihood, family allowances and social housing. After one year in addition, recognised asylum seekers can appeal to the Belgian law of family reunification, which will increase the asylum invoice.

With the resources currently spent on the reception of applicants for asylum in this country, we can help a lot more refugees in their own regions in stead of Europe.
The Vlaams Belang calls for care in their regions and for a policy that stops the illegal immigration to Europe at once.


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